A long time a big update

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve updated my blog, now is a great time to show you an update on some of the trees previously featured on this blog here.

Let’s start off with this twin trunk black pine, previously shown in the post “A weekend with Robert Steven”

Since the last photos it has been pruned back quite hard, restructured. and most importantly allowed to grow properly with fertilisers.

Each year since, I have taken all the wire off and rewired every single branch to try and attain a new level of depth.

Here it is as of summer 2017 – blackpinedouble1blackpinedouble2gif

This next one is one I wrote a post about called “Juniper Squamata Semi-Cascade Yamadori” it has since been restructured and cleaned up big time. I also managed to pull it’s apex trunkline even further behind the large jins that are sticking out of the start of the trunkline.

The new design now makes it much easier to follow the trunkline and view the apex, foliage, but most importantly all of the interesting deadwood, branching, and trunklines

Here it is as of summer 2017, better shots with a neutral back ground to come.


Last but not least, here is the defoliated and restructured large fig I dug out of my partner’s parent’s backyard about 4-5 years ago now. Since last year it has received a minor but largely perspective altering angle change.

It now sits on a 30 degree angle change from where it was, ofcourse it has been repotted on this angle (Not shown in the photo) and is only just starting to come into leaf again – will update when in leaf once more.

Here it is as of Summer 2017


I’m still trying to get my hands on a die-grinder and good carving bit to carve this one and a few other trees a fair bit.


Thanks for reading.


4 responses to “A long time a big update

  1. Hi James,I have the potentilla about two years and it doesn’t suffer die back,so far anyway.It’s getting a new bonsai pot in the spring.you have some really nice trees,that black pine has huge potential and that juniper has some beautiful twists.

    • That’s fantastic, looks like a great tree. Post some updates when you pot it up if you don’t mind! Thanks, they have come a long way from where they started, I’m potting those two up this winter as well

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