My name is James, I am an avid bonsai learner and kung fu instructor (Traditional Jow Lung lineage, Jow Gar Kung Fu)
Like all things, I believe that something can never be perfect, but we always strive to reach perfection. All things alike, whether it’s Kung Fu, Bonsai, Health, Fitness, or Family. We always strive to make each one perfect. Since we are always learning and changing, our image of perfection also changes – a never ending journey.

This blog is about the lessons I have learned, the progression, and the journey, I have undergone through bonsai.

I hope you enjoy and learn from them as much as I enjoy speaking my mind and sharing knowledge so that others may benefit.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Occupation: Kung Fu/Fitness instructor, Personal Coaching, Bonsai Maintenance, care, and consulting.


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