Semi-Yamadori Juniper Squamata Styling, from blob to bonsai.

Here’s the stock I purchase about 2 weeks ago (Was an expensive stock piece but worth it).

With this, I was very interested, confused and really wanted to just make this tree mine. Here’s some pics of when I first purchased it.



After a bit of cleaning


So as you can see it’s a big mess and a heck of a lot of fun 😉

There’s also these big useless branches hanging down and crossing over the back and ruining the silhouette. So let’s chop them! hah only kidding.



First let’s find a good angle and what will now be the front side of the tree.

Some good things to this side are 1. the foliage mass being predominantly on this side of the tree 2. What can be interesting jins will enliven and welcome viewers 3. The tree’s trunkline allows for a natural looking semi-cascade to be implemented here (The right side loop there).


heres a quick rough styling based on the side I found earlier on. Nothing had been removed yet but every branch has been wired and (well ok I lied a little the right side cambium was removed for that branch’s jin but it’s all part of the design ;)) a jin has been created on the right side there to create a white gap allowing this tree’s left side to be emphasised.


Next that hanging branch at the back with no foliage on it I made a joke about chopping off was jinned and wrapped in a strip of bicycle tubing which is just a different version of raffia I find to work out better.

It was then pulled over the back in a loop to add to compliment the smaller jins below it and follow the flow of the right side and downward flow of the tree’s jins. Image


A bit of branch cleaning and tidying up along the way.


We also had to pull the crown of the tree down a bit so we used two cable ties locked into each other and pulled tight in the right spot to hold it down.

As you can see here, the design now allows us to see the trunkline much easier and get an insight into this tree’s beautiful trunk which has been very interestingly woven by nature but still (luckily) in a way that shows the flow.


The branch has now been pulled up above and the left lower jin has been removed because I didn’t like it and it was really bugging me.


Here is a final picture OPTION 1 Image


I’ll let you find the difference and when you do, I’d really like some feedback as to which you prefer because personally I like option 1 and option 2 hahaha. I think it could look good even without the jin there altogether :).


Here is where the shari’s may go, not confirmed yet, these spots look promising though as it will make the trunk look curvier and really emphasise the trunkline’s bends and loops.

The other thing is that the bottom branches are going to be allowed to grow out to look like this, and then when they get there I guess we’ll see how it looks and if I don’t like it I guess I’ll just removed the bottom branching altogether, but I highly doubt that will happen.

Hopefully I can find a beautiful, simple, and elegant pot like this one from Erin Pottery to compliment this tree, maybe a cheaper alternative as this one is pretty pricy for me to purchase. Image. The pot needs to be simple to bring out it’s elegance and delicate descent. Anything too complicated will make it look messier and too distracting on the eyes.

The current virtual img – Image

Thanks for reading! Leave any comments and tell me which option you prefer the most ;). Have a good week.


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