Transformation – an Easing Red Pine

This is one of my red pines that I purchased as stock about 6 months ago, Firstly came the vision drawn by my teacher who gave me a rough idea of what he think it should look like.


So there’s the rough vision drawn by him in around.. 20-30 seconds.

The first wiring seemed a bit disasterous but it was quickly remedied with a few branch chops and some compact wiring.

The thing with this tree was that it had a lot of ugly gaps after the branch chop, so it was wired in closely to compact the pads and apex.


See, ugly.


Now, at this point, the only thing you can do for the first major styling for a tree, is let it grow.

So we fixed it’s personal issues, now we need to let it’s character fill in.


This shot is as of today, it’s just shot out it’s new buds and next spring this tree should look completely filled out and quite graceful (To me anyway).

It will receive it’s first repot this winter, any suggestions on a pot shape?

Here’s some extra shots from this morning,




I will update this coming winter when it receives it’s new pot and landscape.


2 responses to “Transformation – an Easing Red Pine

  1. I would choose the front of the tree with the apex leaning to the right. Place tree in pot off centered to left. Either oval or rectangle with rounded edges. Brown or reddish/brown color. Now that’s a detailed suggestion. LOL. Can’t wait to see it repotted šŸ™‚

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